George Reshetnikov

Email Marketer


Hey, I’m GeorgeI like swimming, doing chest on leg days, and pulling out consistent cash from email lists
for online businesses.
I've been in the online space and worked in health (fitness) and biz opp space.
Wrote for different high ticket and ecom brands
and made a lot of dough along the way.
For boosting my ego, I've put samples and testimonials of my craft on this website,
you can check them out by clicking on the tabs at the top.
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Email copy for Business Opportunity Niche

Email copy for Health and Fitness niche

Ecom Store Automations


"Well written copy. It's easy to read and builds trust with the reader without pitching the product right away.
And you convey a clear message of selling the product when it's required. That's what makes a good copy. Well done!" - Marcel S.